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Friday, December 26, 2008

A non-Bombay Bombayite

Mumbai just doesn't come that naturally to people I guess, especially those born before 1995 and have grown up always referring the city as Bombay. Mumbai always takes an intented effort...
The nomenclature besides the point, in the plethora of articles published today, this more or less sums up the state of mind.

A month...

Dozens of newspapers, so many supplements talking about the people involved, their families, how life has yet again moved on. Some, rightfully appreciating the people who were actually there then.
But, the numerous rallies, campaigns,blame games, dismissals, replacements later, the main question is Are we Prepared even today?...

ut there has definitely been an evident change I've noticed post November 26. People have just stopped referring to and making comments based on religion! It is quite noticeable, how even the slightest hints are no more dropped. I do hope this effect remains forever!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Question

A question to every country including India:
" Do we really need terror attacks to happen to take action?
Is there not enough evidence already of terrorist activity throughout the world ?
Isn't it something that ought to have started as a consistent and stern effort already?"

A short film

A section of Bollywood in a short film against terrorism.


Just having read another angry message, questioning the Taj being a national icon, the argument rises yet again- Has the response by the public been stronger because the elite class was affected this time?

Partially, yes. Till date, the targets were comman place . This is the first time, people who thought were immune are being targeted. But one look at the protests and you know it sweeps one and all: religion, age, class - no bar.

So coming back to the Taj- is it an icon? For me, it is. The Taj burning is the most horrendous sight I've seen and avoid looking at any more of such pictures.

It is awe-inspiring. For the uber-rich, it is a regular- a statement of luxury. For the upper middle it is an occasional indulgence. For the normal middle class and beyond it is a dream- it holds very, very high aspirational value.

It is an icon. For a Mumbaikar, it is pride, it is one place everyone would like to save up for-so that just once, they would be able to just have a peek. For every tourist, as they gaze at it from their mid-sea ferry ride, it inspires awe and a million pictures are clicked with the Old Taj as the background.

Yes, the outrage is more and made evident because a certain section is affected for the first time. But, the outrage is unanimous because what everyone feels for this city and its icons is beyond classes.

And as the legend goes, Jamshedji Tata was not allowed entry to the only elite hotel in Mumbai, then- The Watson as he was an Indian. The Taj is what he built as an answer. That I'm sure is more reason for the Taj being a symbol of National pride and not just an awe-inspiring icon.


Across the country univocal peaceful marches